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Handball Challenge Training Camp (524.88Mb)

The point of Handball Challenge is not only to place the ball in the opposing goal. Neutron Games wants to give you an understanding of the individual leagues, the clubs, the players, different game systems and the different plays, so you can get involved with the sport of handball. Individual class, the speed of reaction and tactical understanding are required. Continue reading

I’m going to post a few games for next weeks session rather than wait to post them. It’ll give me a good week or so off from posting any more games (though If I find anything I think will fit with the ethos of this project i’ll probably post it still. 🙂

I came across the following snowboarding game quite some time ago while I was looking for extra content for one of the snowboarding games i have. It was the weakest of the games i had in that genre so was hoping to find some graphics enhancements; I revisited the pages today and discovered that the mods I’d found were in effect free standing and free, so you can play three different resorts each with several official runs plus you have the ability to be dropped anywhere on each mountain and find your own way down. By todays standards, for example comparing it to Shaun Whites game that was released nearly two years ago, it looks extremely dated, however, if you don’t have any snowboarding games it’ll give hourse of entertainment. i’ve mentioned another nowboarding game that i’d highly recommend buying if you find it in any bargain bin. Soul Ride, the game that the following games are based on is still being sold for full price on the developers web site, which I think is ridiculous considering it’s over 10 years old. I’d have though at the very least we’d be seeing it on good old Games for around $6. Anyway, I do hope you find the following three standalone snowboarding games entertaining.

Virtual Resorts:

Virtual Resorts was developed as freeware by the developers of the snowboarding game Soulride. I bought Soulride several years ago as a budget buy and throughly enjoyed playing the game though I always though Supreme Snowboarding (released in 2000) was a better game. now of course we have Shaun White Snowboarding with it’s breathtaking views and off pist snowboarding. This freeware program is a tribute to all snowboarders (though before my accident I much preferred skiing, lol. Continue reading