Biwa Of Blood

In this short adventure game, you play as a monk who finds himself at the assistance of a blind, elderly monk. You will perform various simple tasks which will eventually lead you to the games quick conclusion.
What stands out most in this game is the graphics. Simplistically done with brush strokes, they strive not to overwhelm the player, but to subtly highlight the simplistic nature of the story.

Although most of the ‘puzzles’ in the game are fairly straightforward, the game falls behind by not so clearly labeling things. For example at first it seems you must stay on the screen when you can move left. Selecting inventory can be done with the aid of a hidden menu at the top of the screen. For a game designed in less than a week, these simple drawbacks are forgivable, though.

For an adventure game it’s fairly interesting. It’s not long or too complicated and only somewhat suffers from back-tracking. For what it is, and with the visual appeal, it is quite a nice package, all up.

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