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Week 101: Gemstonia [Alpha]

I felt like trying my hand at posting a free game, so here it is.


Gemstonia is  a game that’s sort of like Bejeweled, except with a twist, literally. Instead of swapping two adjacent gems, you rotate three gems, clockwise or counterclockwise. It’s like combining Bejeweled and Hexic together. It’s an interesting concept, but the developer, Lopens (who gave away Trio last Saturday), have released the game as unfinished (hence free). It’s not very polished, and there are no sounds, but this game is still very interesting for demonstrating a concept.

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Trio: The Great Settlement


TriO: The Great Settlement is a casual game with unique physics that bring a new twist on the usual match-3 game play. The storyline will take you on an adventure of magic, light, and the hope of freedom.

The entire Orbics race has been imprisoned and you must free them using the “miraculous power of the three” by combining three Orbics of the same color together. Beware, however, because there is a dark and ancient power that looms in the shadows and wishes ill on you and the Orbics.


• 70 challenging levels (each level in two stages)

• Defeat Bosses

• Discover and build up floating islands

• Solve the secrets of ancient race of orbics

• Use bonuses to defeat Dark Orbics

• Trophies and magic artifacts

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