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Week 98: Moonbase Alpha

If you like space and in particular the space program; and if you ever wanted to go to the moon as part of NASA’s moon missions now’s your chance. This free game has almost state of the art graphics. I was so surprised when i downloaded it and cheked ot out. Check out the you tube videos below to see what I mean. 🙂

The following game has just been added to the Steam client and can be downloaded totally free. you do need the Steam client, which is also free. Once you have the client you will have access to amazing deals (though you’ve just missed the summer sale where games were being sold for as much as 95% off. Then again there is usually a mid week and weekend sale with excellent bargains. There are also several games available for free, which i have detailed elsewhere in these game discussion forums. When I have te time I’ll post a link to the thread.

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Week 93: Ad Astra

Ad Astra (43 Mb)

Ad Astra is an open-ended space exploration game which has attempted to model a Galaxy of over 110,000 real stars based on the 1997 Hipparcos Star Catalogue. The application supports fractal planets, procedural flora and fauna with uninterrupted game play whilst within a particular solar system”.

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