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Week 101: Gemstonia [Alpha]

I felt like trying my hand at posting a free game, so here it is.


Gemstonia is  a game that’s sort of like Bejeweled, except with a twist, literally. Instead of swapping two adjacent gems, you rotate three gems, clockwise or counterclockwise. It’s like combining Bejeweled and Hexic together. It’s an interesting concept, but the developer, Lopens (who gave away Trio last Saturday), have released the game as unfinished (hence free). It’s not very polished, and there are no sounds, but this game is still very interesting for demonstrating a concept.

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Week 101: Luor [Arcade]

Luor (22 Mb):

A vertically scrolling game with an abstract graphical style.

Subdued particle effects and an excellent synthesized soundtrack keeps you entertained as your starfighter struggles through wave after wave of hostile spacecraft. Use the cursor keys to control your ship. Fire by pressing the spacebar (no pun intended). Tip: Sidestep the incoming guided missiles and the expanding clouds of cluster bombs. Absorb the glowing energy spheres to recharge your ship’s plasma canons.

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Alien Breed: Impact:

You can buy a copy of Alien Breed: Impact via Steam for only £6,49 or a double pack so that you can play with your friends online for only £9.74. That’s like getting one free and 25% off the second copy. There’s a great single player campaign as well as a multiplayer co-op campaign. The game is controller enabled so if you have an X-Box controller with a USB converter you can use that instead of the keyboard. It’s a 3D version of the original top down alien shooter. One of the first of it’s kind. I used to own a copy of the first one on floppy disk. 🙂

This is the latest in a series of games going right back to the early 90’s. You can get all of the early versions such as Alien Breed, Alien Breed 2: Tower Assault and Alien Breed: Obliteration via G@rgoyles game synopsis. You can also see a video of Obliteration HERE Continue reading

Blue Dragon is a mildly entertaining plane shooter with simple controls and a reasonable looking graphic. The game defaults to a 600 x 400 window, so looks quite small on today’s monitors. If you want to increase the size of the window you will have to lower the resolution settings. I don’t particularly like windowed games, but found the game good enough to ignore the lack of a full screen mode. You can expand the window to full screen, but the actual game window remains at 600 x 400

You will use a combination of mouse buttons and keyboard keys to control this game. It’s quite hard until you’ve got the hang of the altitude controls. Basically to keep the plane in the air you have to press the left mouse button; to lose altitude you let go of the left mouse button. Take note, it’s very easy to crash.

Blue Dragon


You take the role of a pilot in WWII codenamed ‘Blue Dragon’. You have just returned home from a successful raid and have to cross enemy territory to get back to your ship and return home.

You can collect points by destroying enemy planes, tanks, boats and soldiers on your trip back to your ship. You can collect bonus points by landing your plane on the deck of your ship… which is harder than it sounds! If you overshoot or miss the ship you must eject or you will miss your ride home! Continue reading

Week 98: Donkey Kong [Remake]

Donkey Kong [Remake] (4 Mb)

Description Page:

I installed the Donkey Kong remake on Windows 7 and the game looks nice.

Related Forum:,1736.0.html

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Screenshot (from the forum):

Week 97: Decoblis

Decoblis ( 3.15Mb)

In this fairly manic shooter your objective is to kill the rampaging waves of aliens before they kill you. This objective is made all the more difficult via the fact you’re strapped to a curved rail which restricts your movement to left-right only.

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Week 38: Naginata Destruction

Today’s game is an indie game titled Naginata Destruction. Naginata is an excellent freeware shmup. Though a little on the short side, the graphics and gameplay are enough to keep you busy for quite some time with this game. I’m extremely impressed with this game and think the developer could easily ask for some money for it.

The game tells you the controls use z and x to fire, however I was able to use the mouse buttons to fire as an altertanitve. I’ve spent some time playing this game this weekend and am warning you that you will probably not make it far in the game until after you’ve died some 5 times. It takes awhile to get used to how quickly the screen crawls on you and the different kinds of obstacles/enemies that are involved. In my honest opinion I give the game a 9/10 and proudly dub it as one of the best freeware games I’ve come across.

Once the game loads, you’ll be asked to create an I.D. Once you’ve created your I.D., you then have to click exit to advance to the game’s main screen. Navigating the game and menu are both done with the keyboard. The download site is in Chinese, but the game itself is in English. The download comes in at not quite 40kb, so it’s an extremely small download. I have provided an excellent video via youtube…make sure you click the HQ button next to the volume to get a better idea of the graphics.