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Week 102: Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet: (75.2Mb)

Magic Carpet is about exactly what it sounds like: a magic carpet. And you’re sitting on it. You fly around an Arabian landscape with water, hills, and trees. The story of the game is simple: there was a great war between wizards. The wizards used more and more destructive spells and ended up summoning monsters which often turned against them. There was one wizard who wanted to end everything with an all-powerful spell. Instead, the worlds shattered.

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Week 101: Gemstonia [Alpha]

I felt like trying my hand at posting a free game, so here it is.


Gemstonia is  a game that’s sort of like Bejeweled, except with a twist, literally. Instead of swapping two adjacent gems, you rotate three gems, clockwise or counterclockwise. It’s like combining Bejeweled and Hexic together. It’s an interesting concept, but the developer, Lopens (who gave away Trio last Saturday), have released the game as unfinished (hence free). It’s not very polished, and there are no sounds, but this game is still very interesting for demonstrating a concept.

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Alien Breed: Impact:

You can buy a copy of Alien Breed: Impact via Steam for only £6,49 or a double pack so that you can play with your friends online for only £9.74. That’s like getting one free and 25% off the second copy. There’s a great single player campaign as well as a multiplayer co-op campaign. The game is controller enabled so if you have an X-Box controller with a USB converter you can use that instead of the keyboard. It’s a 3D version of the original top down alien shooter. One of the first of it’s kind. I used to own a copy of the first one on floppy disk. 🙂

This is the latest in a series of games going right back to the early 90’s. You can get all of the early versions such as Alien Breed, Alien Breed 2: Tower Assault and Alien Breed: Obliteration via G@rgoyles game synopsis. You can also see a video of Obliteration HERE Continue reading

Rise of the Owls (1.1Mb)

This is another one of those games made in 48-hours for a contest (I’ll be posting a few more later today). The theme this time was ‘The Tower’, so the developer made a tower defense game, which takes place inside a tower!

Features: 🙂

• 15 levels or until YOU WIN!

• 15 Awe-inspiring heroes to defend the tower with

• Bloinky sounds, and the ability to disable them

• A unique scoring scheme that rewards taking risk and playing smart

• Evil owls!

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Costume Party (15Mb)

No plot required. This is an action/puzzle game all about slipping on a variety of Halloween costumes to get past horrifying monsters that will haunt your nightmares. Each costume has unique abilities and plays like a whole different kind of game. Buy a Creator’s Pass to build your own levels using the extremely simple level editor, and automatically share them with the world! The entire game is internet-connected, so your levels are shared with everyone, and you can play the game from any computer in the world and keep your settings and progress! Continue reading

Week 100: Coldgearz

Ok, so each weekday today, I will be posting many games, as a celebration that we got this far.
First off is ColdGearz. Its a Gamemaker side-scrolling platformer shooter, with really good cartoony graphics, and has a really good storyline. (Not anything fantastic like Iji or Cave story, but decent all the same).

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The next game is called Blackthorne. Its another side-scrolling platformer, but it doesn’t really feel like a platformer, as a action/puzzle game.  You play as Kyle (or Blackthorne), and you are trying to save your nation from monsters that were transformed from normal people, because they abused their black stone that they were given years ago. It has fantastic gameplay, and a decent story. It was made by Blizzard/Interplay, and must be played on DOSBox. (Not sure about XP).  Be sure, also to not waste all of you hover bombs, as you may need them later.

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