Rekkaturvat: Truck Dismount (2.1Mb)

The ultimate aim of this game, is quite simply, to do as much damage to your ‘dummy’ as possible. This is done by deciding exactly how a truck is going to slam into a wall, via a series of simple options.

This is the first thing that makes the game so brilliant – among other things you can choose the speed at which the truck will hurtle towards the wall and the position of the dummy on the truck, which in an amusing twist includes the rooftop and even in front of the windscreen. The second thing that makes the game even more brilliant is its engine – both the truck and dummy move completely realistically, regardless of what configuration you set the options to. Not only this, but the dummy receives damage points, depending on which body parts you damage – if you damage its head you receive a lot of points, whereas if you damage a foot or a hand, you don’t receive much at all. This leads to some hilarious situations, since damage is accumulated from the time you start the truck’s engine to the time your dummy stops moving (after the truck has hit the wall).

Having given so much praise, the game is not without bugs – which are ultimately used to get the highest scores. It is debatable whether or not these bugs are intended but if you are playing for the highest score possible, eventially they will be all that you aim to achieve. Essentially the major bug gets your dummy stuck with some of his body outside of the truck and some of his body inside, during which time it will slowly move. Depending on which body parts get caught, your score will sky rocket for a limited amount of time.

This game is a gem. It seems to get praise from all over – and frankly it is well deserved. It would be nice to see more games of this calibre released in the freeware community. Big thumbs up.

Game Control:

THe game is fully mouse controlled and simple to use. All the customisable controlls and camera controls are accesible from the actual game page using only the mouse.

————————————————————————————-Comments from subscribers:

The ultimate anger-relieving game has arrived! This is the first game that has been released that you would want to play when you don’t want to have fun, and you just want to hurt someone. (However, it’s also fun to watch the little stickman get tossed around when the truck hits him).In Rekkaturvat: Truck Dismount, you are trying to inflict as much pain as possible on a little stickman by slamming him with a truck, or, even better, trapping him inside the truck and bounce him against the windshield and the seat.

Truck Dismount is definetly not lacking in entertainment value, since you can change just about anything in the game to hurt the stickman as much as possible, such as jumps and their positions, if the windshild in the truck is there or not, and where the stickman is. There is also good music (which can be muted if it’s not your kind of music,) and the graphics are in 3D so it is easy to change the view of the little accident that you create.

If I had to rate this game from 1-10, I’d give it a 15, because it goes above and beyond in entertainment for the small download size that it has (2.1 MB) and you can play it for fun or… just to take your anger out on something besides your pillow, or your punching bag… or your wall… etc. etc. Download Rekkaturvat: Truck Dismount. Trust me, it’s not a reviewer’s choice game for nothing.

by Speedy

This game can be summed up in one simple word – one which we all utter, usually after we do something clutzy, like stub a toe or bang our head. “Ouch.” And this is the purpose of the game. Make sure the poor dude in the truck has as many fractures, punctures and inturnal bleeding as you could POSSIBLY manage, then watch it.. over and over again. Whenever you get bored, play your replays and laugh. Grows tedius with prolonged use but good for laughs when you need ’em. I shall say no more.

by SEGofthecosmos

A fun and addictive game… about crashing a truck into a wall. This game is very customizable, you can choose the trucks speed, where the character sits (in the truck, on top of truck, in front of truck), if there’s a wind shield or not, and you can even add 1-2 ramps and chose their y- and x-axis positioning.

by SpogMunky


You can check out some reasonable videos of game play HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. There are lots more, which you can find by looking at the right hand panel when you follow either of the links I’ve given.


You can download Truck Dismount from the developers site HERE or from several other sites including trusted sites like Acid-play, The Game Hippo. Of course there are loads of other downloads, but I’ve not used most of those so can’t vouch for them. 🙂 I will be posting a couple more of Jetro Lauha’s games over the coming days, though you can easily find them via the first link. (Including another dismout game called sauna dismount.

The actual graphics are typical ragdoll physics freeware stuff, but the game play far outweights the retro looking graphics. If you want something similar theres a series of car racing games called the Flatout series with three games, Flatout, Flatout 2 and flatout ultimate Carnage, all of which have a ragdoll section where you purposely crash your vehicle. There are several games such as the hight jump where you crash your car into a barrier sending your ragdoll driver out of the front windscreen; the aim is to get the highest height. There’s a long jump football (soccer), darts, and many more, depending upon which game you get from the above list. all three games are commercial, but the first two can be purchased for peanuts either from Good Old Games, Steam or direct 2 Drive. At the moment, until the 4th July you can get all three games with massive discounts. Flatout around $3, Flatout 2 approx $3 and for the next 24 hours Flatout ultimate Carnage only $2. The last one has the best graphics and the best ragdoll games. Not only are these racing games great fun just for the ragdoll games, they are excellent racing games of the demolition derby style with rally racing included. Also the destruction physics of all three games are brilliant. These are the best games of this genre and so cheap at the moment. when the sales are done you can still purchase flatout from GOG for less than $6, though it’s the oldest of the games and is no where near as cool as the latest one.

You can find the Steam deals HERE till 4th July