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Week 38: Naginata Destruction

Today’s game is an indie game titled Naginata Destruction. Naginata is an excellent freeware shmup. Though a little on the short side, the graphics and gameplay are enough to keep you busy for quite some time with this game. I’m extremely impressed with this game and think the developer could easily ask for some money for it.

The game tells you the controls use z and x to fire, however I was able to use the mouse buttons to fire as an altertanitve. I’ve spent some time playing this game this weekend and am warning you that you will probably not make it far in the game until after you’ve died some 5 times. It takes awhile to get used to how quickly the screen crawls on you and the different kinds of obstacles/enemies that are involved. In my honest opinion I give the game a 9/10 and proudly dub it as one of the best freeware games I’ve come across.

Once the game loads, you’ll be asked to create an I.D. Once you’ve created your I.D., you then have to click exit to advance to the game’s main screen. Navigating the game and menu are both done with the keyboard. The download site is in Chinese, but the game itself is in English. The download comes in at not quite 40kb, so it’s an extremely small download. I have provided an excellent video via youtube…make sure you click the HQ button next to the volume to get a better idea of the graphics.



Week 37: Kaedyo

Kaedyo: Living Ink

Today, we have an unusual real time strategy from Cornell University. Kaedyo takes place in a unique fantasy world inside a notebook. What makes this game different is that you cannot directly control your units but indirectly influence their movements by drawing on the screen with magic pens.

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